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HI i'm a fourteen year old from Sydney Australia I have made this website to allow people who enjoy spotting planes like me to tick them off by printing off the downloadable sheet or by just looking at the airlines and type of planes they fly on my website. So please check it out and if you can please DONATE to keep this site running.


I’ve made this plane spotting site to help anyone to identify the various types of airlines and the type of planes they fly at Sydney Australia Airport I expect to add more airports soon . There are different ways to spot what type of plane and what Airline: visually looking at the tail for the airline logo or read the name of the airline so you or by  looking up the registration number online or click on the airline name to see what planes they fly here.

Sydney Airport being the busiest airport in Australia make it the best for plane spotting and with this website and with the printable sheets it should make your plane spotting trip better and I would also like for people to send me an email on how I could improve my website 

 Thanks for coming to my website


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Sydney Plane Spotting (pdf)


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