🛑 FROSTY & SNOWY Livestream 🛑 Manchester Airport Saturday 10.00 AM UK Times #live #planespotting

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Live plane spotting with Macc Aviation Live at Manchester Airport MAN/EGCC from the southside path. Join me to enjoy the rush hours.

We should be able to see:
Emirates Airbus A380
Qatar Airways Boeing 77W
Air Transat Airbus A332
Air Canada Airbus A333
Singapore Airlines Airbus A359
Aer Lingus Airbus A333
Turkish Airlines Airbus A333
Virgin Atlantic Airbus A35K
TUI Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner
Icelandair Boeing 737 Max 9
Jet2 Boeing 757
and many Ryanairs 737s, Easyjet’s A319 & 320, Jet2 Boeings 737, turboprops mainly ATR72 and other regional aircraft.

Please feel free to join the chat conversation to interact with other aviation enthusiasts. Please follow simple rules:
– chat kindly and with respect
– please use English in chat so we can all understand each other( however you are more than welcome to say hello, good morning etc. in your own language)
– this is a family-friendly environment. we don’t talk about religion, politics, race, violence, or sex
#Manchesterairport #live #planespotting


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