1 HR Watching Airplanes, Aircraft Identification | Brussels Airport Plane Spotting [BRU/EBBR]

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Brussels Airport is Belgium’s biggest airport and Europes 24th busiest airport. The airport consists of a northern and southern runway. Generally on normal operations, most landings will take place on the southern side (minus military and cargo which lands north as their facilities are on the northern side of the airport) and all departures take place on the northern side. When the airport is using reverse ops, that is swapped and departures (except for freight and military) take place on the southern side and all arrivals are on the northern side.

This video features a mix of landings from both normal ops and reverse ops. The video starts on the southern side of the airport from a spotting mound I filmed from, then it transitions to the airport high rise carpark which offers a great view of the northern runways!

**re-uploaded due to issues with aircraft information**

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