1 HR Watching Airplanes, Aircraft Identification | Plane Spotting Vancouver Airport [YVR/CYVR] #3

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Vancouver is Canada’s second most busy airport and the gateway to Asia from the massive country. Not only that, it has a few wonderful and unobstructed vantage points to take videos of the landings, and on rare occasions, takeoffs, on the northern side of the airfield.

This video was filmed from a location along the very northern side of the airport, positioned right down the middle of the runway! The rain on this day certainly did make it tricky for plane spotting however I truly enjoyed getting some great spray action on some of those heavies!

The goal of this video is to mesmerise viewers with these stunning landings and takeoffs and to show aviation enthusiasts or people who enjoy watching planes as a pass time but don’t get to travel around the world for this hobby, to see what Vancouver Airport gets on a regular basis or what kind of footage can be obtained from this airport for those planning trips away for the hobby of plane watching!

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