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From two planes colliding on a foggy runway to TWA Flight 800, here’s a look at 10 infamous US plane crashes.

0:00 Introduction to 10 Infamous US Plane Crashes
0:18 Flight 1380 Attempts A Dangerous Maneuver To Land In One Piece
4:09 Shocking: This Plane Crashed Into a Two-Story Building
7:30 Two Planes Collide On A Foggy Detroit Runway
10:20 Disturbing Footage of 2011 Reno Air Races Crash
13:09 A Plane Crashes After Takeoff In the Heart of Miami
15:57 A Plane Runs Into Trouble As It Prepares For Take Off
18:31 Why Locating The Four Corners Of A Plane Crash Is Essential
20:43 A Routine Plane Takeoff Quickly Turns Into A Disaster
24:25 Did Wingtip Vortices Bring This Plane Down?
26:19 TWA Flight 800 Explodes Over The Atlantic Near New York

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