20 MINUTES of GREAT Landings & Takeoffs | Brussels Airport Plane Spotting

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Featured Aircraft: A330s, A319s, A320s, A340s, B747s, B767s, B757’s, B777’s & B787s!

Brussels International Airport is the largest airport in Belgium and the 24th busiest airport in Europe. The airport serves as the home base for Brussels Airlines and TUI fly Belgium. Various European airlines fly to Brussels using both narrow body and wide-body aircraft! The airport offers a variety of great close-up spotting locations!

Filmed back in September of 2021 on my European tour, I managed to catch some wonderful aircraft at this world class airport. Like many European airports, there’s a number of great official spotting locations plastered around the airport perimeter. I set up along the official spotting deck for the first clip of this video, which provides some excellent views of the touchdown!

Some notable highlights in this video is the Kalitta Air Boeing 747 Freighter with the ‘mask livery’, which I filmed from the international terminal carpark. The northern side of the airport is where the freight facilities are located, which means you will very rarely see freight aircraft landing on the south side of the airport. Unforturently that is where the official spotting deck is located and where you get the best views of the touchdowns. Getting good recordings of cargo aircraft because of this isn’t easy.

Another cool highlight I filmed was right at the beginning of the video, Rwand Air, which isn’t typically seen in many places of the world.

I hope you enjoy this compilation from Brussels Airport!



00:00 | Rwand Air Airbus A330-200 Landing from Kigali
00:35 | Air Belgium Airbus A340-300 Landing from Doha
01:21 | Brussels Airlines Airbus A330-300 Takeoff to Accra
01:44 | Etihad Airways Boeing 787-9 Landing from Abu Dhabi
02:18 | Austrian Airbus A320 Landing from Vienna
02:49 | TUI fly Boeing 737-800 Landing from Tenerife
03:19 | Brussels Airlines Airbus A330-300 Takeoff to Abidjan
03:43 | Qatar Airways Cargo Boeing 777-200F Landing from Doha
04:19 | United Airlines Boeing 787-9 Landing from Chicago
04:57 | ANA Boeing 787-9 Landing from Tokyo
05:36 | Brussels Airlines Airbus A330-300 Takeoff to Accra
06:02 | Kalitta Air Boeing 747-400F Landing from Los Angeles
07:08 | Air Canada Airbus A330-300 Landing from Montreal
07:46 | DHL Boeing 757-200F Landing from Tel Aviv
08:46 | United Airlines Boeing 787-9 Takeoff to New York
09:20 | Iceland Air Boeing 737-800MAX Landing from Reykjavik
09:46 | Brussels Airlines Airbus A319 Landing from Oslo
10:27 | Virgin Atlantic Airbus A330-300 Landing from London
11:09 | Vueling Airbus A321 Takeoff to Barcelona
11:32 | Brussels Airlines Airbus A320 Landing from Geneva
12:13 | Aegean Airbus A320 Landing from Athens
12:53 | Brussels Airlines Airbus A320 Landing from London
13:30 | Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-200 Takeoff to Istanbul
13:57 | Sichuan Airlines Cargo Airbus A330-200F Landing from Moscow
14:47 | Aer Lingus Airbus A320 Landing from Dublin
15:32 | Brussels Airlines Airbus A320 Landing from Nice
16:11 | KLM Cityhopper Embraer 190 Landing from Amsterdam
16:51 | Middle Eastern Airlines Airbus A321 Takeoff to Beirut
17:14 | Brussels Airlines Airbus A320 Landing from Gran Canaria
17:49 | Brussels Airlines A319 Takeoff to Oslo



Airport: Brussels Airport [EBBR / BRU]
Country: Belgium



Camera: Panasonic HC VXF995
Camera 2: Sony A7s mkii
External Mic: Rode VideoMic Pro + Deadbeat
Editing Software: Adobe Premier Pro CC
Tripod: Libec LX7 Tripod System



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This footage is property of HD Melbourne Aviation and can not be used without permission from HD Melbourne Aviation.


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