40 Planes in 60 Minutes! Epic Plane Spotting @ MADEIRA, Funchal Airport FNC – June 2022

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A long overdue return to the beautiful Portuguese island of Madeira and the notorious airport of Funchal. Known for its tricky approach, precarious runway and often gusty conditions. Making it one of the most challenging commercial airports to fly into, in the world.
This video was filmed over the course of 2 days. June 28th & 29th and includes 40 movements in total, in the 62 minute video. Some incredible approaches as well as plenty of ground shaking, close up take offs.
All flight information was taken from flight radar on the day and has been added on screen for your enjoyment.

0:00 Intro
0:23 Edelweiss A320 departs for Zurich
1:16 Transavia France 737 arrival
2:38 Wizz Air A321 arrival from Luton
4:21 Transavia 737 departure to Amsterdam
7:22 Enter Air 737 departure to Poznan
9:09 Ryanair 737 approach & landing from Porto
10:32 Transavia 737 departure to Porto
12:04 TAP A321NEO arrival from Lisbon
13:41 EasyJet A320 downwind
14:09 EasyJet A320 arrival from Gatwick
15:35 Swift Air ATR departs for Lisbon
17:25 Ryanair 737 departs for Stansted
18:45 SmartWings 737 MAX arrival from Warsaw
20:02 TAP A321NEO returns to Lisbon
22:08 EasyJet A320 returns to Gatwick
24:05 Corendon Airlines 737 arrives from Dusseldorf
25:54 Finnair A321 arrives from Helsinki
27:28 TUI Fly Germany special livery 737 arrives “Cewe Air”
28:15 Eurowings A320 arrives from Frankfurt
29:37 Enter Air 737 departs for Warsaw
31:36 Transavia 737 arrival
32:25 TUI Germany 737 departs for Hannover
34:17 Ryanair 737 departs for Marseille
35:30 TUI Germany 737 “Robinson” livery arrives from Frankfurt
36:51 Binter ATR arriving from Tenerife North
37:52 TUI Germany “Cewe Air” livery departing back to Dusseldorf
40:02 TUI Germany 737 arriving from Munich
41:11 Eurowings A320 departing back to Frankfurt
43:24 Transavia 737 departing
44:27 TUI Germany 737 arriving from Stuttgart
45:36 Smart Wings 737 departing to Prague
47:53 TUI Netherland 737 MAX arriving from Amsterdam
49:25 Swiftair ATR reversing on its own
50:04 Swiftair ATR departing
50:47 Ryanair 737 arriving
52:04 SATA Azores Dash8 arriving from Ponta Delgada
53:18 EasyJet A319 arriving from Gatwick
54:42 TUI Netherlands 737 MAX heading back to Amsterdam
56:22 TAP A321 arriving from Lisbon
57:52 Ryanair 737 departs for Dublin
59:16 EasyJet A319 departs back to Gatwick
1:00:37 Ryanair 737 arrives from Stansted
1:01:40 Head on Ryanair 737 parking on stand

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