4K: 25 AMAZING Take-offs and Landings Plane Spotting at Phoenix Sky Harbor PHX

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24 Minutes of Plane Spotting from Phoenix Sky Harbor PHX
0:00 Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-300 Take-off
1:00 FedEx Boeing 767-300F Take-off
1:51 Hawaiian Airbus A330-200 Take-off
2:37 UPS Boeing 767-300F Take-off
3:25 UPS McDonnell Douglas MD-11F Take-off
4:40 Southwest (Freedom One) Boeing 737-800 Landing
5:55 FedEx Boeing 767-300F Take-off
7:09 Delta Air Lines Boeing 737-800 Take-off
7:50 American Airlines Airbus A321 Take-off
8:29 Ameriflight Beech C-99 Airliner Take-off
9:08 United Airlines Boeing 737-800 Take-off
9:54 FedEx Boeing 777F Take-off
10:47 UPS Boeing 757-200PF Take-off
11:40 USAF Boeing KC-135R Take-off
12:23 USAF Boeing KC-135R Take-off
13:02 Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900ER Take-off
13:46 Southwest (Freedom One) Boeing 737-800 Take-off
14:42 DHL (iAero) Boeing 737-800 BDSF Take-off
15:36 Southwest (Illinois One) Boeing 737-800 Take-off
16:22 United Airlines Airbus A320 Landing
17:46 Alaska (Seattle Kraken Livery) Boeing 737-9 MAX Landing
19:10 United (Star Alliance) Boeing 737-800 Landing
20:28 DHL (ABX Air) Boeing 767-300 BDSF Take-off
21:17 Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-8 MAX Landing
22:12 China Airlines Airbus A350-900 Landing (Carbon Fibre Livery)


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