5 Most Disturbing & Saddest Last Words From Pilots (Blackbox Recordings)

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5 Most Disturbing & Saddest Last Words From Pilots (Blackbox Recordings) CAUGHT ON TAPE! 5 Saddest Last Words From Pilots! Final Words From Pilots Before Death! All Of The Recordings Were Recorded With A Blackbox! 5 Creepy & Scary Blackbox Recordings!
This video shows you the scariest last/final words from pilots in the cockpit

Some of these recordings are shocking and very appaling to listen to, VIEWER DISCRETION IS HIGHLY ADVISED! You have officially been WARNED! This video is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY!

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✈️ Flights (Recordings):
Air Florida Flight 90 (Boeing 737-200)
Delta Airlines Flight 191 (Lockheed L-1011-1 Tristar)
Japan Airlines 123 (Boeing B-747-SR46)
Delta Airlines 1141 (Boeing B-727-232 adv)
Polish Air Force (Tupolev 154M)

Japan Airlines FULL Blackbox Recording:

Kevin MacLeod – Sovereign:

thief almost gets killed for stealing

8 Creepiest & Saddest 911 Calls (CHILLING)

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