You may immediately skip to 1:40 to see the aircraft drop 100 feet in turbulence. This is a Philippine Airlines flight to Cebu from Manila on April 2022 on an Airbus 321 (A321) aircraft. The [More]
NTSB animation shows the track, speed, and altitude of US Airways Flight 1549 that crashed in the Hudson, January 15, 2009. It is supplemented by ATC (air traffic control) audio and CVR (cockpit voice recorder, [More]
On September 29th 2006, GOL flight 1907 was a Boeing 737-8EH aircraft, which was on route to Rio de Janeiro from Manaus. At an altitude of 37,000 feet it collided with an Embraer Legacy 600. [More]
On 25 May 2002, China Airlines Flight 611 disintegrates in mid-air and crashes into the Taiwan Strait 20 minutes after taking off from Taipei, killing all 225 people on board. A faulty repair to the [More]
Crazy TURBULENCE !! Compilation – INSIDE PLANE – Scary turbulence in flight – emergency landing Turbulence in flight , Turbulence on plane , turbulence compilation , Real Turbulence , Scary flight , emergency , 动乱 [More]
Featured Aircraft: A310s, A319s, A320s, A321s, A330s, A400s, B737s, B747s, B757s, B777s, B787s, C130s, CRJ900s & Q400s! Brussels International Airport is the largest airport in Belgium and the 24th busiest airport in Europe. The airport [More]
Join Matt and Sam at Melbourne Airport in Australia for the morning as viewed from the T4 carpark! We will see many aircraft throughout the course of the day! A huge thank you to our [More]
Since this video is based on multiple sound sources, there are some parts that are difficult to hear. Delta Air Lines Flight 1141 was a scheduled domestic passenger flight between Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas and Salt [More]
📹 MY CAMERA : IPhone 12 Pro MAX 📱 and SONY FDR AX-53 (No tripod , only Hand held) / No comentary , no music Extreme Close Up and spectacular approaches, low pass landing and [More]
Los Angeles International Airport, or more famously known as “LAX, or KLAX International” is one of the most iconic and busiest airports in the world. I filmed this video from the famous Lincoln BLVD, along [More]
Delta Flight 5763 was making its run from Santa Ana, California to Seattle when the bottom fell out. KDKA’s John Shumway reports.
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A flight none onboard will soon forget! Severe thunderstorms rolled into BWI just before departure. Mother nature was happy to take us for a ride, buckle up! Don’t forget to like and subscribe! Flight Number: [More]
Do you struggle to identify the different aircraft types? Some are easy, but many still confuse even experienced plane spotters. With a few tricks and pointers, and plenty of practice, identification gets easier. Let’s point [More]
Honolulu International Airport, or also known as Daniel K. Inouye International Airport hosts an impressive array of commercial and military operations. From C-5 Galaxy’s to Boeing 717s, this airport is flooded with diversity of exotic [More]
Watch: Follow: Severe turbulence forced a New York-bound flight to divert and land shortly after leaving Houston recently. Passengers were thrown into the ceiling and then back onto the floor. Can [More]
Nightmare flight: Passengers on a flight from Spain to Argentina reported being smashed into the plane’s ceiling and thrown to the floor during hours of terrifying turbulence. At least a dozen people were injured.
The voice recorder of Western Airlines flight 2605, a McDonnell Douglas DC-10, that crashed on it’s approach to Mexico City.
Read the article here: Video shows a plane hitting a taxi and part of a highway before crashing into a river in Taipei, Taiwan. CNN’s David McKenzie has the latest. — A passenger plane [More] Video courtesy of passenger Marc Stanley FOX 4 News is a FOX-owned station serving Dallas-Fort Worth and all of North Texas.
Dear friends, Aviation as it’s best! This year’s Munich Security Conference brought some visitors from war away like the Australian Air Force 737 or the Canadian and United States Delegations. Before and during the Munich [More]