Düsseldorf Airport Planespotting in 4K. Arrivals and Departures in the afternoon heat

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This video features Dusseldorf airport arrivals and departures from The P7 Car Park where most of the runway is visible

Just the one runway in operation and there is a fairly constant flow of traffic all day long

Filmed freehand using a 4K Sony AX53 video camera.

Filmed between 3 pm and 7pm on a Friday afternoon. It was around 25°C on the day of filming which is why you will see a lot of heat haze across the airport

This filming spot is just outside the terminal at Dusseldorf. Around a 5 minute walk that is signposted and easy to get to.
I think you can also use the air train to the car park too

This is a Eurowings hub and you will see a lot of them here however Dusseldorf gives you the opportunity to see lots of Turkish carriers as well as other airlines from around Europe. Finishing it off with the Emirates A380.

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