Planespotting 101: How To Identify Each Major Commercial Aircraft Type

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Do you struggle to identify the different aircraft types? Some are easy, but many still confuse even experienced plane spotters. With a few tricks and pointers, and plenty of practice, identification gets easier. Let’s point out some ways to identify today’s main commercial aircraft.

We can’t cover every possible way to ID aircraft, or indeed every aircraft model in the world, but this video should give you a solid start on the most common types.

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Our special thanks to Vincenzo Pace for his contribution to this week’s video.

Video source links:
A320 Alitalia
A318 Air France
A319neo ACJ
A380 Emirates
A350 China Eastern
A320 Delta
A321 Aeroflot
A220 Swiss
A220 Swiss
A220 swiss
A321neo WizzAir
A319 Turkish
737 china eastern
Airbus Formation Flight 50yrs
A350 formation flight
A340 COTAM 001
A330-300 Delta
777 Delta
767 Amazon Prime Air
777 Alitalia
787 Oman Air
A330neo delta
A380 etihad
747 British Airways BA Landor
A340 Finnair Santa
777 American Airlines
777-300ER American Airlines
777-200 United Airlines
787 Hawaiian
787 Etihad
747-8 Cathay
787-9 737 MAX Norwegian
737 MAX Ryanair
787 Hainan Airlines
787-9 WestJet
787-9 Dreamliner First class – British Airways
787 air can
A380 ANA
A380 British Airways
747 KLM Schiphol
A330 Eurowings
737-800 American
Airbus’ A330neo
a350 air france
A320 Alaska
A330 Eurowings
A320 Brussels airlines
A350 Asiana
747 klm
747-8 Lufthansa
A340 Lufthansa Star Alliance
A340 Virgin Atlantic
777-300er cathay pacific
A350-1000 Virgin Atlantic Making
A300 Historical Doc
Airbus historical first flights A300 A310 A330 A340

Aircraft drawings:

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