Scary turbulence in air plane caught on camera.

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How dangerous is turbulence for a plane and passengers

Turbulence is a concern that has bothered every air traveler at least once in their life. It might not be one of the most pleasant experiences for the passengers, when the aircraft cabin is shaking as if you were sitting in a car that is driving on a bumpy road. However, the main reason why turbulence causes so much fear among passengers is that most of them don’t understand what causes turbulence. The travelers might not be well aware of how the pilots are trained to manage it, and how the airplanes are designed and built to handle it.

Important facts about turbulence

Turbulence could be considered as one of the great mysteries of physics. Both mathematicians and physicists have not been able to solve the turbulence mystery yet. Turbulence is often referred by scientists to as chaos. It occurs when bursts of energy get into the air the plane is flying through. This energy causes changes in the pressure and speed airflow which leads to powerful air currents that move in different directions. If an aircraft gets into such streams, it might seem that the jet is falling (this is called a somatogravic illusion where the brain interprets a deceleration as the plane pitching down, when in fact, the change in height hardly reaches several meters) or bounces on a particularly steep bump.

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