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From a routine takeoff that quickly turns into a disaster to a turbulent crash landing, these are the most-watched Air Disaster videos of all time.

0:00 – Emory Worldwide Flight 17 Loses Control
3:53 – China Air Flight 120 Runway Explosion
7:10 – Rogue Learjet Goes Down
10:16 – NationAir Flight 2121 Catches Fire Mid-Flight
14:09 – Concorde Flight 4590 Destroys A Brand
18:05 – FineAir Crashes in the Heart of Miami
20:53 – Cathay Pacific Flight 780 Engine Fails on Approach
24:34 – Thunderstorm Cause a Plane to Lose Power
28:22 – U.S. Airways Miracle on the Hudson
32:11 – Asiana Air Crashes on San Fran Runway

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