United Airlines Flight 93 (Leaked) CVR audio composition with NTSB Animation.

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(Reuploaded to make some little modifications.)
This is an edit with the FBI leaked CVR of (“The Hijacked”) United Flight 93 and the animation made by the National Transportation Safety Board [NTSB].
I put the audio fragments based on the CVR transcript that appears at the top of the animation, also thinking that the FBI put them in chronological order in the video where they talk about the investigation.

I’ll put some notes here:
0:02-0:10 : Ziad Jarrah’s (Alleged Pilot Hijacker) first message, mistakenly sent to Cleveland ATC.
0:12-0:15 : Ziad Jarrah’s Second message, (Again) mistakenly sent to Cleveland ATC. (This part is incomplete)
0:16-0:21 : Passenger revolt starts,sounds of galley dishes/trays rattling starts, also a Warning alarm.
0:23-0:26 : More sounds of crashes (Apparently on 0:25, some passenger or hijacker make a sound (ah)).
0:27-0:33 : Ziad Jarrah Inverts the plane to crash it (Crashes later in Shanksville,PA), Sounds of air, a Warning alarm and some screams can be heard.

(These videos are (non profit) compilation of historical Archives, it is not intended to offend any person and does not justify the events.)

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