When Is Turbulence In An Airplane Dangerous? | Curious Pilot Explains #1

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Is turbulence on an airplane dangerous? This video looks at what causes turbulence and if it is dangerous for the passengers or the aircraft. If you are a nervous flyer or have a fear of flying, it should reassure you that turbulence is not something to worry about. It is uncomfortable but ultimately safe, there are several ways aviation has combatted the negative effects of turbulence, the biggest way is through detection and prevention. Aircraft and airport predictive radar systems keep everything running smoothly for even the most dangerous situations but ultimately even if all the safety measures are bypassed then the Pilots are still armed with the skill and knowledge to keep everyone safe.

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Videos featured in this episode:

Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 737 is experiencing severe turbulence on approach to Ushuaia Airport in

Bad turbulence on an Etihad flight

A380 heavy turbulence over the north Atlantic

Air Force Reserve C-130 Flies Into The Eye of Hurricane Florence

Susto com ATR da Passaredo durante a decolagem no aeroporto de Presidente Prudente .


Airbus A350 XWB: Ultimate load Wing Test

Air Force Reserve C-130 Flies Into The Eye of Hurricane Florence


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