"Worst Plane Crashes Of All Time" | Mega Marathon | FULL EPISODES | Mayday: Air Disaster

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Sit back as we bring to you a mega marathon showcasing some of the worst plane crashes of all time here on Mayday! ✈️

What has been your favorite episode of Mayday?

Full episodes included are:

0:00 Season 5 Episode 2 “Glimi Glider”: July 23, 1983 – It’s a calm summer evening. Air Canada flight 143 is on its way to Edmonton from Montreal. Captain Bob Pearson and First Officer Maurice Quintal are both veteran pilots, but they’re flying a new automated Boeing 767. Midway through the flight, things begin to go horribly wrong. The plane is in danger of running out of fuel. Pearson decides to land as soon as possible. He heads for Winnipeg. As he descends he loses one engine, then another.

50:35 Season 5 Episode 7 “Explosive Evidence”: June 23, 1985 — Air India Flight 182 is cruising over the Atlantic Ocean – on its way from Canada to India. Air traffic controllers in Shannon, Ireland are monitoring the flight when suddenly its signal disappears from their screens. Search and rescue crews are quickly dispatched to scour the North Atlantic for the plane. Within hours, pieces of the aircraft and bodies are found scattered on the ocean surface. All 329 people on board the 747 are dead.

Investigators begin the painstaking process of unravelling the mysterious tragedy. The wreckage is spread over nine square miles off the ocean floor. This is a vital clue for investigators as It tells them that the plane disintegrated at a great height. Investigators soon suspect the aircraft was brought down by a mid-air explosion. Investigators horrifying conclusions lead to major improvements in the way luggage is screened, and to stricter regulations for forwarding luggage on connecting flights. The quality of training for security guards also comes under scrutiny and continues to be an area of concern for security experts.

But the only way for Pearson to get his plane safely down is to try a manoeuvre that only glider pilots would know about. Bob Pearson flies gliders in his spare time and forces the plane into a sideways free fall. It’s called a sideslip. As Pearson touches down, his front landing gear collapsed, his rear tires blow. The first-ever 767 to land without engines does so without so much as a single serious injury.

After successfully landing the first-ever Boeing 767 without engines, investigators quickly discover that a faulty computer processor disabled the plane’s fuel gauges. There was no way for the crew to notice that they took off with only half the fuel they needed for the trip. Interviews with the flight crew and ground crews discover that the error which led to the fuel shortage involved basic math. In 1983 most planes in Canada used imperial measurements to calculate the amount of fuel required for a flight but the new 767 was outfitted with metric gauges. The plane needed 22,300 kilograms of fuel for the trip but was only given half that: 22,300 pounds.

1:40:29 Season 5 Episode 3 “Behind Closed Doors”: June 12, 1972 – The crew of American Airlines flight 96 is preparing their brand new DC-10 for the short flight from Detroit, Michigan, to Buffalo, New York. A billion-dollar investment by manufacturer McDonnell Douglas, this plane is the latest advance in passenger jets. It’s so new that neither the pilot nor the co-pilot has more than 75 hours of experience flying the aircraft. Within minutes of take-off, an explosion rips a gaping hole in the cabin. While the plane begins to fall from the sky, the pilots struggle to safely land the crippled aircraft.

The badly damaged Flight 96 plane roars back to the Detroit airport. After a harrowing touchdown, the jet comes to a stop just 300 meters from the end of the runway. As investigators search the damaged plane for clues, they quickly conclude that the design of the DC-10’s rear cargo door is to blame as the locking device is faulty. They also discover that it’s possible for baggage handlers to believe the door is properly locked when it isn’t. Investigators recommend several changes that could be made to make the door safe.

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